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ABB Instrumentation Company (formerly the Fischer & Porter Company) manufactures a wide range of Variable-Area (Glass or Metal Tube) flow measurement equipment. These are offered for simple flow indication only or for "rough" (±10%) or accurate (±1%) flow measurement. They are also available with transmitting capabilities.

NOTE: Fluid Process Control Corporation does not handle any other ABB products. For assistance with Magnetic Flowmeters, Mass Flowmeters, Swirl-type Flowmeters, Vortex flowmeters, or any other Fischer & Porter product, please contact ABB directly at (215) 674-6000.

Variable-Area Flowmeter Features:

  • Glass, Metal or Acrylic tubes
  • Flanged or threaded connections
  • Brass, 316SS, Teflon or PVC wetted parts
  • Available as indicators only or with alarms or transmitters functions
  • Flow capacities of 4.6 cc/min to 330 GPM Liquid OR 55 scc/min to 1200 SCFM Gas
  • Sizes from 1/8" to 3"
  • Pressure ranges from 100 to 3600 PSIG
  • Temperature ranges from 32° to 500°F
 Click on the hyperlinks below to download the complete Specification Sheets for each flowmeter series in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not already have it, the Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from

Variable-Area Flowmeter Model Breakdown:

Tube / Meter Type:

Meter Model(s) & Name(s):

  • 10A3220 Armored Purgemeter
  • AM54 Armored V/A Flowmeter

The following table lists a partial breakdown of obsolete Fischer & Porter flowmeters, along with the closest replacement currently available. In most cases, spare parts availability for these meters will be very limited.



Tube / Meter Type:

Meter Models:

Replacement Model:

  • 10A1017/10A1018
  • 10A1250
  • 10A1700
  • 10A2700
  • 10A3500
  • 10A1300
  • 10A1450
  • 10A1460
  • 10A3130
  • 10A1227
  • 10A2227
  • 10A1152
  • 10A5000
  • 10A5400

In order to quote new flowmeters, the following information is required:

  • Process fluid?

  • Max flow rate?

  • Operating pressure?

  • Operating temperature?

  • Fluid density or specific gravity?

  • Fluid viscosity (liquids only)?

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