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With 60 years of building Solenoid Valves for process control, industry and facility maintenance, ATKOMATIC Solenoid Valves provide the best features in the following areas:

Efficient Design

  • Packless - No stem packing except on manual opening/throttling device.

  • Tight closing - Resilient seats on most valves to assure positive shutoff.

  • Minimum number of moving parts - A piston and plunger assembly.

  • Easy maintenance - Coil replacement without opening pressure containment. Internal parts can be replaced without removing the entire valve from the pipeline (on most valves).

Rugged Construction Features

  • Highest quality materials - For maximum corrosion resistance, stainless steel valves are 316SS and bronze valves are Naval M bronze.

  • Full ported flow capacities - Able to withstand full pressure drop to rated pressures.

  • Continuous duty coils - Hermetically-sealed coils on most valves.

Extensive Production Testing

  • All valves are operationally tested at the minimum and maximum pressures.

  • Fully ported valves (Pilot-Operated and Semi-Direct Lift) are tested on full flow systems to assure proper piston operation.

  • All valves are tested on oil, air and/or water to simulate the fluid for which the valve was ordered.

  • Each valve is tested against exact factory standards for internal and external leakage.

Proven Experience

ATKOMATIC has 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Quality Solenoid Valves. Many of our valves have been in service more than 40 years and are still providing valuable service to our customers.

Download the Atkomatic Condensed Catalog here.

Download the Complete Atkomatic Catalog here.


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